User interface files

There is information for translators on the website. If you are looking to translate to a new language or update a translation, look there first.

HTML Templates

We use template toolkit to template the server generated html. For the www site the templates are in docs/ntppool, the manage site files are in docs/manage and files used across both are in docs/shared.

Under any of these paths there’s a tpl/ directory for “internal resources” (files that are included from user visible files).

The “layout template” is in docs/shared/tpl/style/default.html.


The CSS files for both the www and the manage site are in docs/shared/static/css. They are currently shared across both sites.

In production some files get concatenated and served as one according to the configuration in docs/shared/static/.static.groups.json.


Similar to the CSS files the javascript files are in docs/shared/static/js.

Issue tracker

The issue tracker for the project is the best place to report issues (and find things that need improvement).