Installation instructions

Clone the repository

git clone --recursive
cd ntppool

Development under Docker

If you have Docker installed you can run a container with most of the dependencies already ready with

cp ntppool.env.sample ntppool.env

Edit hostnames and database config in the new file and the run


To start both the http server and other services, run

docker-compose up

The docker container will “export” the web application to port 8299 on the docker host. If you are running Docker on OS X or Windows it will be running in a virtual machine so the IP will be different than “localhost”.

You can also run the other utilities, generally with a variation of

./docker/app sh ./pool zone

This for example would generate the json DNS data for the GeoDNS server.

Database setup

The system needs MySQL or MariaDB running.

If the database is accessible from the docker container you can initialize the schema with

./docker/app ./bin/initialize_schema

and open a MySQL prompt with

./docker/app  sh ./combust/bin/cmysql ntppool

Time zone tables

Your MySQL server needs timezone data loaded, if it doesn’t have it, run:

mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root mysql